Gold panning on the BurandeA unique prospecting experience

For those who stay at a Puy de Dôme campsite and are looking for a fun and educational activity, gold panning on the Burande river is a fascinating experience. This traditional activity offers an opportunity to discover the history of prospecting and try your hand at finding gold nuggets in the crystal-clear waters of the Burande.

Gold panning is the ancestral practice of searching for gold in rivers. On the Burande, participants learn basic gold panning techniques, using pans to sift through sand and gravel in search of fine gold particles. It’s a relaxing yet exciting activity, offering the thrill of discovery.

Orpailler sur la Burande is ideal for families and groups of friends. Children and adults alike will enjoy the search process and the thrill of perhaps finding a little nugget. It’s also a great way to learn more about local geology and the history of mining in the area.

In addition to gold panning, Burande offers a magnificent setting for relaxing and enjoying nature. The banks of the river are perfect for a picnic, a walk or simply to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

For those new to gold panning, the necessary equipment is provided and experts are on hand to teach techniques and share tips. This assistance guarantees a fun and educational experience for all.

Gold panning on the Burande is a unique and memorable way to experience the history of the Auvergne while enjoying the natural scenery. For visitors to Camping La Chauderie, it’s an outdoor activity that offers the perfect combination of discovery, education and fun.